Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 14 - Reflections

OMG what a day yesterday was! So much achieved!

Yesterday was our finale day for round 2. We (Some of the Gold Coast Go Getters & myself) wanted to challenge our fitness and then celebrate. 

We started the day training with the guys from RAW. These guys are awesome! They also train Margie & Brenda (contestants from the biggest loser).

I started the day extremely anxious. Normally when I feel like that it always ends with "I cant do this Im not going" but not yesterday! I took a few deep breaths and I went! Im so glad I did. It taught me how much stronger mentally and physically I have become. 
By the time I had got there I was trembling, I even said to one of the girls "If I go out side it means im freaking out and I need to stop" but I didnt! The trainer, Adam made warm ups so much fun so I just put my head down and bum up and did what he asked me to do! He had a circuit planned out for us. Pushing a scrubber up and down, walking up and down carrying kettle bells, ab twists holding a medicine ball, lifting big weight bags over our head, flipping a GINORMOUS tractor tyre, lifting an empty keg over our heads, hand cycling, step up jumps onto blocks and of course, kettle bell swings. 
I was petrified at first that I was going to die. But something in me took over and I just focused at the task at hand. And I actually found myself enjoying it quite a lot!

I think I am actually going to look for a cross fit place on the coast so that way I can do it more often. A couple of the girls have said that they are going to drive to Brisbane once a month to train at RAW and I have agreed to go with them. I cant wait!

Here are a couple of photos of me from yesterdays training. Im really sorry about the quality of the photos they were taken on a mobile phone and the zoom quality is really bad. But from the couple I post you can see what I got up to and the determination on my face. 

This is me doing the twisties with the medicine ball

I am absolutely spewing about the quality of this picture! It would of made for a great shot!
But by seeing this you get the general idea

I love the sheer determinate on my face in this photo and the next. You can really see how focused I was through out the day! Man that tyre was heavy!

The look on my face "Take that you stupid tyre" LOL 
I love it!

On the drive home for the first time in a long time my brain and thoughts were empty.
All I could feel was a sense of accomplishment and serenity.

After a quick rest it was time to get ready and go and let my hair down. I had not dressed up, put make up on, styled my hair for a long time so I was looking forward to it. 
I was looking forward to going out to dinner too. 
Something I have not done in a very long time!

I dont think I scrubbed up so bad. I actually look like  a woman LOL

These are some of the lovely ladies that I spent the night and day with. 
They are such inspirational women. 
They support me in what I want to do. I couldnt ask for a better bunch of women to call my team mates and my friends xxx

I had such a lovely dinner. I actually stayed under my calorie quota too. I just had a steak and salad.
But unfortunately, after about 2 or so hours I started feeling really dizzy and like I was going to be sick so I had to call it a day. I didnt eat anything at all before training so I was thinking it was either my bladder infection making me feel sick or that I had done too much on not enough fuel for my body in a day.

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