Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 9

Day 9

Well I woke up in a much better mood today. No where near as flat and yuck as what I was yesterday. 
You know, after improving so much over the past week, when I have a bad day, I really feel it more!
But thats ok. I am human. This is a journey. A recovery from illness. Its ok to have bad days, Im allowed them, as long as I dont give up thats the main thing!

I got up to my alarm at 5.30am like normal. Weight training today. I wasnt anxious but I was tired, REALLY tried. But i still got up and did what I needed to do.
Today was no killer session. My whole body hurts. I had zero energy. But I pushed through my weight session and still burnt 423cals which is pretty good for a toning day for me.

All I could think of all session was, oh the pain, it hurts. I repeated in my mind over and over again

"Pain is weakness leaving the body, I want to be strong"

And then I remembered this picture that I saw yesterday. I know that my body will never look like that, my frame is too big, BUT the saying is awesome! Pain just means that I am doing the right things, my body is changing and the exercise im doing is working.

Its weigh in Wednesday tomorrow. Im so excited to see the results on the scales. :)

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