Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 8 - Week 2 Kick Off

Wowo, week two already! 

Today I have had A day. Woke up to my alarm at 5.30am not wanting to get out of bed but made myself. I was anxious all day. Flat all day. Confused all day. I just didnt want to do anything. 
I got my ass out of bed and MADE myself train. I did the same learn to run & outdoors circuit that I started with last week. You know the one that nearly made me hurl, the one that I had to stop after the 3rd round of the circuit and couldnt do any more. Well today, I did my learn to run, for the first couple of times I ran for 2mins straight! and then I continued outside in the sun again for the circuit. 
I did it! I did all 4 rounds of the circuit and the final blast! Yes, I felt like I was going to be sick again but I DID IT!

Its amazing how far I have physically improve in just a week!

I said to Karl tonight, I need to find a balance, Im so physically exhausted that I struggle with everything else I do through out the day. For once he had some wise words that will stick with me over the next couple of weeks

"Keep on doing what your doing and your body will follow and catch up eventually"

After he said that, I heard Mish's voice in my head. 

"Its the small daily wins that make the big picture at the end"

I will put these words on my wall somewhere, it is about consistency. I mean in having a little bit of a complain that Im so tired I was in no way saying that I wanted to give up. Im just so tired and my body is so sore. But I also have to remind myself, that I have done this before, that I know that week 2 and week 3 are the hardest. Once I get over this hurdle I know that I have achieved getting past the hardest part.

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