Saturday, August 25, 2012

12WBT- Round 3, 2012 - Pre-Season Task One

Pre-Season Task One
Get Real, No More Excuses

Hey guys and gals. Well here it is the first of the pre season tasks. Well I have certainly waited for the last minute to do these. Round 3 starts tomorrow and this is the first of the pre season tasks that I am working on. My 'excuse' I have been concentrating on working on my anxiety issues and also finishing off round 2.

Ok so my 'excuses that are in my control' are...

Im too tired
I get asthma
Im too scared/anxious
I can't do it
Im not fit enough
I might hurt myself again
The family wont eat some of the food

This time i went into A LOT of thought with this task. Really listening to what Michelle had to say. There are a few things that REALLY stood out at me. The first one, she says often and every time I really feel like she is talking to me.... "Stop the paralysis by analysis, don't think, just do"
This is very much me. I have full intentions on doing something, then I do my normal and go right ahead and over think things, stopping me from achieving what I really can when I put my mind to it!
Another thing that stood out was that she was telling a story of a client that was blaming her for not getting the results that she wanted, until the client realised that she had had everyone doing everything for her. As soon as I did this a light bulb went off in me. This is me, I do have a lot of people doing things for me. Because of my anxiety. So I had to sit back and ask myself why? Why am I so scared all the time? What caused people to start helping me? And the answer came down to my leg injury 2.5 years ago. I got stuck in the middle of no where when I hurt my leg, which caused me no choice but to drive 20mins on my own to the doctors. Once we knew the severity of it, I wasnt allowed to drive on it for 6 months, so everyone drove for me. Every one helped me with shop runs. Every one helped with chores, Every one told me it was ok not to train. Then I moved to WA and I had no one. Of course I was going to get anxiety issues with going out in some where I didnt know on my own. Of course I was going to be scared of driving somewhere I didnt know. I had no support there. Only Karl. So Karl did everything for me. Instead.. I should of held my head up then, and told myself that it was a perfectly normal reaction to be scared. But I didnt, I allowed Karl to do it for me, I enrolled Karl in my excuse. Now it has made it hard to get well. BUT i will not let that stop me. Realising why I am like I am is a great stepping stone. And feels like I have had a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

'external excuses-within my control'

I dont have many of these, and I have ways around them.

Its too hot/ cold
I cant afford it

'External excuses - Out of my control'

Sick kids
Family crisis

Well I have had a few break throughs with this task. On to the next one

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