Saturday, August 25, 2012

Task two...Take Control - Set Your Goals

Goals have never really worked for me in the past. I have just had an idea in my head and then just gone with the flow. With my anxiety issues, thinking, remembering makes everything an issue so I am going to give it a good go this time and see if planning everything out works.

My goals for this round are based around 3 things. Weight loss, Training... well running actually and My anxiety stuff. Becoming more independent and confident mainly.

1 Month Goals....

To be able to drive to boot camp on my own. 
(Boot camp is about a 5km round trip, at the moment i can only drive about a 1km round trip)
To have a 3.3kg loss
(My goal for the 12 weeks is to lose 10kilos so i need to lose a minimum of 800g per week)
To be able to run 500 meters non stop
(I love running, but my asthma doesnt like me running, neither does my negative head talk)

3 Month Goals...

To be driving confidently on my own 
To be doing shopping confidently on my own
To have lost 10kgs
To run 1km without stopping

6 Month Goals...

To be anxiety free
To be at my goal weight of 74 kilos
To be able to run 5km without stopping

12 Month Goals

To continue being anxiety free
To have maintained my goal weight and be toned and healthy
To be able to run 10km without stopping

So for now, these are  my goals.. I will re assess them as I am going along. See if I need to change them in any way. I guess I will know if they are realistic soon

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