Monday, August 27, 2012

Task 8 - Measure Up

Ok, Here goes, the figures that I am not happy with! And what is important on the journey that Im on...

Hips (widest)...104cms
Left Leg....56cms
Right Leg....56cms
Left arm....27cms
Right arm...27cms

Really not happy with these, especially my hips BUT that is why im here, to change my body, right? Every four weeks I will post the updates so you can all see how those numbers change. BUT I can happily say that I finished round 2, 3.6 kgs lighter, and I lost 11cms over all. Those numbers are small in comparison to what I did in my very first round BUT it is a lot better than gaining a couple of kilos like I did in previous rounds. So any loss is a good loss!

There is only one way from here and that is UP!! 

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