Monday, August 27, 2012

Task Five - The Kitchen Make Over

I could pretty much say that I could pass the task. My fridge, freezer and cupboards are set and ready to go. I knew the drill, I knew what I had to do so I got rid of the crap. I even went to the extent of getting all the sugary snacks out of the kids lunch boxes and ordering healthy food for them also. They were actually pretty excited about the fact,which says a lot about how much parents are the mentors to their children on their health.

There is a tiny bit of junk still in the house, but I wont be touching it as it is Karls work snacks. He is a manual laborer, 6'5 and slender, you know, one of those lucky people that have a high metabolizm and can eat anything without putting on weight. But I can say that they are tucked away, out of sight out of mind, right?

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