Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 5

Wow well hasnt this week gone fast? Final training session for the week tomorrow already.
Mixed things around a little today. Gold Coast had a public holiday so "The Gold Coast Go Getters" personal trainer threw an extra boot camp into the mix. A few insights into this and achievements....

Well first achievement was that I went!! I didnt make an excuse I just got in the car and went!
Second achievement is that I drove there and back. Granted Karl was in the car BUT I drove there and back! 
Third achievement is that those evil little cone sprints he has us do, well i didnt stop running until I got to cone 4 normally its cone 3.
Fourth achievement is that I burnt less calories. I was kinda bummed at that until I realized how quick my heart rate had dropped also...which both together means I am getting fitter :) 

The week of training isnt over yet. I have a BIG session tomorrow to end the week off but up until now, I am really pleased with my efforts. I am feeling better in my skin. I am proud that I have been trying every day with everything. I have been sticking to my routine that I made myself. I have been training every day. I have been eating clean every day. I have been working on my CBT. I have been positive! And I am starting the weekend with a massive smile on my face :) 

I feel a change in me and its only been 5 days. Just imagine how far I will come by the end of the 12 weeks!!!

Oh and by the way... a couple of my team mates have talked me into a girls day next Saturday going to Brisbane with them for training without Karl and I have agreed! This will be a BIG test for me, going out with people I dont know very well. But they know what I am like and they are prepared for me which I find really touching. Its really nice to have that support and encouragement. 

Thank you to those two special ladies today. You know who you are. xxxx

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