Sunday, August 26, 2012

Task 4 - Say It Out Loud

WOW! I have not felt that empowered for a very long time. In fact, I haven't felt that empowered since I started this journey back in February, 2010!

This is my commitment 

I commit to MYSELF, Mish, My friends, family and team mates that I will lose 10 kilos this round, that I will continue with my CBT to help me in training out doors and with my team members, I will be running 1km non stop by the end of this round but most of all i commit that I WILL NOT give up! I am 100% committed to holding my head high, being positive and doing the hard work it takes to get me there!

I have committed to do this so many times. I have even looked Mish in the eye personally, shook her hand, cried on her shoulder in person! But yet, 5 weeks later found myself falling off the wagon! But this time, I HEARD what Mish said in the video. In the past I had said, oh whats the point in committing to do this? Im just going to fail again like in other rounds. But I heard what Mish said, Just because I fall off the wagon does not mean that I have failed. In fact, I have done more than that, I have now maintained my weight loss of 26 kilos for 2 years. That is not being a failure!

The bottom line, Im committing to becoming well. I had a taste.. a reminder... of what it felt like to be free again, Im prepared to put in the work to help me feel like that again! I dont want to be this sad person any more that sits on her backside and says no to everything, then looking at the pictures friends have posted a few hours later wishing I had of gone, regretting that I didnt go. 

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