Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3 - Weigh In Wednesday

Here it is. Weigh In Wednesday. The first weigh in for round 3, 2012.

Before I tell you how I went, I have to say I am really impressed with how my mind set is changing this round. I feel different. Like good things are happening and dare I say it, Im smiling. Now I know a smile on my face does not magically fix my anxiety issues, but it does make it a dam site easier to deal with it. I think my main thing I have to work on with IT is my driving, I have been calm for days. Since training again.

Ok so I bounced out of bed all excited and raring to get on those scales for the first time for this round. Only to see those dreaded numbers. 89.5kg.... thats right I gained 500 grams!

Now normally, I would of thrown my arms up in the air in tears. Asking why have I bothered putting in the hard work? Why have I bothered getting up at 5.30am to train my ass off? Why have I bothered flexing my will power muscle to foods I know I cant eat?? ...... But did I? No. I did not.
Instead I calmly looked at myself and asked what I had done these past few days that could make the number go up instead of down? Did I watch my portion sizes? Yes! Have I trained consistently? Yes! So I know I have done the right thing, what else could it be? Ding Dong... TTOM! Ding Dong....DOMS! Yep both would make the numbers go up. I KNOW that next week, I will have the best loss ever! Normally at TTOM I can easily have a gain of 2kgs, so to only have gone up 500 grams is saying that I have some pretty good numbers coming my way. And if now, then that is ok too because what doesnt show on the scales WILL show in my measurements in 4 weeks time!

The things Mish says are FINALLY sinking in! Its not how good or bad you train. Its not what the numbers say on the scales. Its about eating clean every day, training every day (and even if you dont have a killer of a session then at least you still showed up) being consistent with what you do and if you do the right things. The results WILL follow!

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