Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 6 - SSS

SSS - Super Saturday Session!!

WOW! what a session! I decided not to follow the plan today, BUT I did decide to take my calorie burn up to 1000 cals. 

In the past, burning 1000 has always been a big struggle for me. I have always gotten to around 700 and burn out, felt tired, my head space would tell me that I cant go any further. Recovery from it would take hours, I would feel sick and shaky and felt like throwing up.

Today was another story!! 

Now, One of my goals is that I WANT to run 500 meters non stop by week 4. So I know I need to work on my running regularly to get to that. Even tho I have had some great sessions this week, I have only done the learn to run program once and did some running at bootcamp yesterday. So here was the plan for today.

I started with a 5 min walk on the treadmill. Then I did the learn to run program for 20mins. In the past while doing the learn to run program I would get to about 15mins in (including the warm up walk) and I would really struggle for the last 10 mins. Today was different. I didnt struggle with it at all. In fact, Week 1 on the learn to run program Mish has us running for 30 secs - 1 min, with a 1 min 30 sec walk in between. I found myself running for 1 min 30 secs - 2 mins with a 1 min walk in between! I really noticed today that once I TOLD myself "right I cant stop until this time", I did it without thinking. I just got the job done. In the past If i had of told myself I have to run, say 1 min 30, even tho, deep down I know I can do more, my mind would see that time and I would start gasping for air. It really is in the mind. My mind is giving in before my body does. So as of Monday, because I KNOW my body is capable of running more, I am going to up myself to week 3 of the running program. See how I go.


So I walked for 5 mins, learn to run for 20mins then I did a DVD for an hour. Followed by some ab work and a nice stretch.

After my stretch I looked down at my HRM, I had smashed 1043 cals! I had done it. I had not given up, Not once did the thought I CANT come into my head. I just did what I needed to do! 

Recovery was so much quicker. Granted Im tired but who wouldnt be after smashing over 1000 calories!?! Im not shaky, Im not feeling sick,  In fact about an hour later, Im smiling and feeling great!

I will do a refection post tomorrow on how I think the week has gone for me and even tho I said yesterday that I was so please with how far I have come over the past few days, I really have to say it again... From the person I was last week, of not going out, not trying, seeing that dark cloud hanging over my head, to who I am today 6 days later..a totally different person. I have caught myself smiling a few times this week. I have found myself trying to do things that I would normally over think, tell myself I cant, do the whole 'paralysis by analysis' I am starting to feel more confident in myself. And have found myself saying I CAN! and not only saying it. But wanting to!

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