Sunday, August 26, 2012

Task 3 - Gear Up

I really think this one was a no brainer for me. 

It doesn't take much for me to realize that I spend waaaay too much time indoors!
This round is about me.... about getting well... about being the best that I can be. To do that, I need to concur my fears and get back into doing what I love. And that is training out doors!

When I first started my journey, It was as Mish said, I was on auto pilot, I didnt think, I just did! I got up at 5am every morning, by 5.30am I was out the door, running across the road to the local park/pond where I would run and do the outdoor circuits. I was back in the door by 6.30am ready for Karl to go to work. Where I would finish off my ab work and stretch. It was done, dusted for the day. The chaos of having twins, a child with special needs, a teenager, none of it had begun yet, and I had had time for me, to train, to make myself feel good before anyone demanded anything from me.

I loved training outside, I forgot how much until I went out with some of my team mates last week. I didnt tell them this, but as i was running in the sun, with the water glistening, the birds chirping, I felt and thought "Im free"... Its all I could think of over and over again, in fact, a couple of times I had to stop myself putting my arms out like a bird sawing in the wind! 

I will be that again, It felt so good. 

So this round, that is what I will be working on. To drive down to my old park (which is where we have our boot camp, which I also love) and I will run, I will be free! 

Its not the only thing that I will do tho. I will once again get up at 5am to train and do what Mish's program says to do. That way, if I dont feel like leaving the house, then i know that I have still trained for the day. Me going outdoors for a run, will be an additional thing. Once the kids are at school. Some time to unwind after the morning chaos of rising early to train, then running around and getting kids fed, dressed and ready for school. I can then go out on my own, and run and be free. That way, I am refreshed and recharged for the afternoon. 

I will also be committing to going to bootcamp every weekend. And to any other team event that I can get to. Some more freedom, Some new friends, Some great training and coffee. And a great smile for me :) 

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