Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 4

Well I have noticed a few things today. On how much a MASSIVE difference training first thing in the morning makes. The past couple of days, all I have been thinking is how tired I am, How sore my body is, Could I go the distance of getting up early EVERY day to train. Let me tell you something....

As you all know by now, I have been setting the alarm at 5.30am to train. The first two days I jumped out of bed without hitting the snooze button. Yesterday was a real struggle, I was even saying to myself "oh, ill sleep in now and train once the kids have gone to school" that little determined voice in my head dragged me out of bed..... "JFDI!!!" So up I got...This morning was another story....
Alarm goes off at 5.30am. I hit snooze. I hit snooze again. I hit off with the thought that "Ill just lie here for a second and then Ill get up" .......7am later.... Karl was kissing me goodbye as he had to go to work, as he kissed my forehead he whispered "this is not training".........

My eyes had sprung open, I could hear the pitter patter of little feet in the lounge room, life had begun! 

My twins are challenging to say the least in the mornings. Fighting. Loud. Defiant. Im normally shaking with stress by the time the kids go to school at 8.30am. These past few days, training before they demand my constant attention has made the mornings easier. I have been calmer. 

This morning, I was back to running around like a headless chicken, forcing myself not to pull my hair out. Trying to stay calm until they went to school. 

In the past, In previous rounds. After a morning like that I would of said "I cant be bothered training" 

BUT not today!! I was dressed in my training gear before they left for school, yes, I was stressed but I knew that I would feel better after lifting some heavy weights. Lately, to me, there is nothing better for stress relief than going for a run with your music blaring or lifting some heavy weights, which leaves me feeling strong and in control. This morning this is what I did!!! I kissed my little darlings goodbye. Turned around and went straight to my gym area in the garage, turned my weights training DVD on and did a good session. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling after than that burning feeling that you get deep down in your muscles. Yes, I will hurt tomorrow BUT that pain is for the better, It means that the hard work I am putting in is paying off, and one day soon, I will see those results!

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