Monday, August 27, 2012

Task 6 - Organize and Diarize

This was a big one for me. I am shocking with organizing things. I pretty much have in my mind what needs to be done and then just go with the flow. I think in the past this is why I have come unstuck. I would have in my mind, oh i will just train as soon as the kids go to school, but that turns into, oh I will just have this coffee, Ill just do this, which quickly turns into, oh I cant be bothered now.

This time I have marked the school holidays in, which is where I came unstuck last round. Its a busy life having THREE 8 yr olds and a teenager in the house, and after that morning chaos, it gets very exhausting very quickly. When I say three 8 yr olds I mean, my twins and my partners daughter spends the school holidays with us, she is 6 months younger than the twins.

This time round I will be setting the alarm for 5.30am every morning, getting my training in that way I know that I am done, dusted and ready to start the day. I have boot camp booked in for Saturday mornings for my SSS. I have marked my red flag days off and planned around them accordingly. I have diarized menu planning days and shopping days.

I think Im set. It feels so good to be organized. Mish really has taken the thinking out of it for me. All I really need to do is work out what food then family wont eat and adjust the menu there but thats it. All I have to do now is turn up and put in the work!

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