Monday, August 27, 2012

Task 7....The fitness test!!


I truly surprised myself this round! Last round I did my 1km runs on the treadmill because I didnt want to go out doors because of my anxiety stuff. This round I went out with a couple of my team mates and did it around the lake just like I used to. The last time I did the run out doors I did it in 7mins 59 secs. This time.......

1km run - 6 min 40 secs!!!

I was so surprised to see that time, and stoked! I have been asking for quite some time how do people do their run in 5 mins?? I can see now and it is something I am definitely going to work on this round! Here are the other stats...

Push-ups - 44 in 1min
Ab strength is 3
Wall Sit was 49 secs (I really need to work on this one)
Sit and reach was +3

Except the wall sit im really impressed with how I went. But again, something that I have 12 weeks and beyond to work on.

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